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US2000 Professional Portable Ultrasound with Timer

US2000 Professional Portable Ultrasound with Timer

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Experience Clinical-grade Therapy with the US Pro 2000™ Ultrasound Device

Unleash the power of professional-grade 1 MHz ultrasound therapy with the portable US Pro 2000™, designed for both clinical and home use. This robust device delivers deep, therapeutic heat to affected areas, promoting faster recovery and effective pain relief.

Complete package come with the unit, carrying case, ultrasound gel and AC adaptor.

Key Features:

  • Three Intensity Settings: Easily adjust the output to low, medium, or high to accommodate your comfort level and therapeutic needs.
  • Durable Design: Built to last, this device is perfect for the rigors of a clinical setting or for home healthcare.
  • Comprehensive Package: Comes equipped with a durable carrying case, ultrasound gel, and an AC adaptor for a complete, ready-to-use setup.
  • Precision Treatment: Features a duty cycle that adjusts from 30% on low up to 50% on high, providing flexible treatment options.
  • Output Modes and Timer: Pulse output mode and a timer that can be set for 5, 10, or 15 minutes, allowing for controlled and safe sessions.
  • Optimal Frequency and Power: With a frequency of 1.0 MHz and maximum power up to 9.6 W, it ensures effective delivery of therapeutic ultrasound.

Ideal for therapeutic intervention in both clinical and home settings, the US Pro 2000™ is your go-to device for advanced pain relief and muscle healing. Ensure to use it with the provided ultrasound gel to maximize ultrasound wave conduction and effectiveness.

Rest assured, the US Pro 2000™ Ultrasound Device has been widely utilized in hospitals for its therapeutic benefits, making it a trusted choice for healthcare professionals and patients alike. This endorsement from the medical community ensures that you are choosing a device recognized for its effectiveness and reliability in clinical settings. Whether you're managing rehabilitation at home or a professional looking to extend care beyond the clinic, the US Pro 2000™ offers the performance and quality needed to achieve optimal results.

If you want to understand more about therapeutic ultrasound, feel free to read the articles on Portable Therapeutic Ultrasound: Enhancing Home Healthcare

Enhance your care delivery or personal health management with the US Pro 2000™ – where professional strength meets in-home convenience.

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