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Techcare Driving Simulator

Techcare Driving Simulator


Introducing Techcare Driving Simulator, the compact and portable car driving simulation technology, designed to offer realistic pre-driving training experiences with comprehensive training and assessment software.

Our system combines both hardware and software components to simulate over 20 realistic car driving courses, allowing users to refine their driving skills. Perfect for rehabilitation centers, driving schools, and research facilities, Techcare provides a versatile platform for relearning and mastering driving techniques.

Apart from that, the package will include reaction assessment software, enabling users to gauge and improve their reaction times behind the wheel. This comprehensive feature enhances the training experience, ensuring drivers develop not only their technical skills but also their ability to react swiftly and effectively to various driving scenarios. With Techcare, users can confidently prepare for real-world driving challenges while benefiting from a user-friendly interface and robust support services.

Additionally, we offer local technical support post-purchase, ensuring uninterrupted product usage and continued customer satisfaction.

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  • Day-time Driving

  • Night-time Driving

  • Raining

  • Snow

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  • Car

  • Taxi

  • Lorry

  • Bus

  • Trailer Truck

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  • 8-shape Road

    Navigate through a simulated road course designed in the shape of the number eight, offering a challenging yet structured environment to practice steering control, coordination, and smooth transitions between turns.

  • Curve driving

    Encounter curved road sections, allowing you to practice adjusting your speed, maintaining proper lane position, and executing smooth turns while adapting to changing road conditions.

  • 90 degree turn corner

    Experience navigating sharp turns at 90-degree angles, simulating common intersections and junctions.

  • Reverse Parking

    Practice the essential skill of reversing into parking spaces with precision.

  • Lateral Parking Training

    Practice the technique of parking alongside a curb, honing your ability to judge distance and positioning accurately.

  • Driving ramp

    Experience driving on inclines and declines, preparing you for navigating hilly terrain and understanding vehicle control on slopes.

  • Pass limited width door

    Navigate through narrow passages and tight gaps, improving your confidence and maneuverability in congested urban environments.

  • Undulating road

    Encounter simulated road surfaces with varying elevations and dips, enhancing your control and stability when driving on uneven terrain.

  • Unilateral and Bilateral driving

    Emphasizes precise wheel control while the vehicle is in motion.

  • Ground training

    This course will provide several basic training at the same time.

  • Road Training

    Drive on the roadway while closely following the instructions provided in the software.

  • Start Stop

    Practice the coordination of accelerating and braking, essential for smooth and safe driving in stop-and-go traffic situations.

  • Pass-through Obstacle

    Maneuver through obstacles positioned between two tires, enhancing your precision and judgment skills.

  • Upshift & Downshift Training

    Learn the mechanics of shifting gears smoothly, improving your efficiency and control when driving with manual transmission or automatic manual modes.

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Software - Free Driving

City Driving

Experience realistic urban environments with busy streets, intersections, and pedestrian crossings. Practice essential skills such as navigating traffic lights, making turns, parallel parking, and dealing with congested areas, preparing for everyday driving in urban settings.

Highway Driving

Simulate driving on highways and expressways, focusing on maintaining speed, lane discipline, merging, and exiting. Develop skills in handling high-speed traffic, maintaining safe following distances, and making lane changes effectively, crucial for long-distance travel and commuting.

Snow Driving

Encounter simulated snowy and icy road conditions, providing a safe environment to practice driving techniques for slippery surfaces. Learn how to adjust speed, brake properly, and maintain control in low-traction situations, essential for driving in winter weather conditions.

Mountain Driving

Explore mountainous terrain with winding roads, steep inclines, and sharp curves. Learn how to manage gear shifts, control speed on descents.

Rainy Driving

Navigate through simulated rainy weather conditions, improving your ability to handle wet roads and reduced visibility. Practice techniques for adjusting driving behavior, and using windshield wipers and lights effectively, enhancing safety during inclement weather.

Software - Reaction Time

Assessing reaction time in driving is crucial as it directly impacts a driver's ability to respond swiftly and effectively to unexpected situations on the road.

Reaction time refers to the interval between perceiving a stimulus, such as a sudden change in traffic conditions or an obstacle, and initiating the appropriate response, such as braking or evasive maneuvering.

Individual Account

Each user will have their own individual account, allowing them to track and record their personal reaction time performance.

Test Environment Setup

This software offers customizable test configurations, including road type, speed range for obstacle appearance, environmental conditions, and types of objects encountered. Users also have the option to enable manual triggering by the test instructor for object appearances. Additionally, configurable parameters such as pass marks are available to tailor the testing experience.

3-Dimentional Scene

Users will immerse themselves in a three-dimensional gaming environment, providing a realistic sensation of driving a car. Objects will dynamically appear in front of the car, enhancing the unpredictability and realism of the experience.

Assessment Result

Instantaneous results offer drivers immediate feedback on their performance. Interactive charts provide insightful visualizations of reaction performance matrices, enhancing understanding and facilitating analysis.

Performance Records

The user can understand their performance trends by accessing the report section. This feature also enables test instructors to directly print reports for driver records.

Truck or Bus Model Upgrade

  • Truck / Bus steering wheel

    This upgrade only available for model DS-50 and DS-90

  • Truck / Bus gear control

    This upgrade only available for model DS-50 and DS-90

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Customize Driving Aids

Selectable Driving Aids

We offer a range of options for upgrading and customizing the driving simulator to accommodate drivers with disabilities, providing essential driving aids and adaptations.

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