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Techcare HR-30 Robotic Glove

Techcare HR-30 Robotic Glove

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Unveiling the Techcare HR-30 Robotic Glove – the future of rehabilitation and hand therapy. This glove is an exclusive feature of the Techcare Hand Robot Package (HR-30) package. It's designed not just to assist but to transform the therapeutic experience with its advanced features and user-centered design.


  • Enhanced Grasp Range: Experience an expanded range of motion with our articulated finger design, allowing for a more natural and effective grip. 
  • Optimized Finger Alignment Straps: Secure your fingers in the optimal position for both comfort and function. These adjustable straps offer a tailored fit for each finger, ensuring precise control and support during various exercises.
  • Comfort-Flex Elastic Fabric: Our glove is crafted from high-quality elastic materials that conform to the contours of your hand, ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit.
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