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Adjustable Hand Splint

Adjustable Hand Splint

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This Adjustable Hand Splint is able to be adjustable based on the need of the person;  suitable for people who has pain, neurological disorders, hemiplegia (especially indicated for spastic paralysis).

• protecting the palm, the hand and wrist from inhibitory reflexes
• preventing deformities caused by spasms and contractions
• preventing claw hand
• Use 30-50 minutes each time.

• Material: Silicone
• Color: Blue
• Size: Approx.28*13.5cm/11*5.3in

• Pre-stretching before apply the fingerboard
• Spread the fingers and place at fingerboard between each finger.
• Ensure that the wrist is in neutral
• Final check for all fingers’ joint, thumb, and wrist joint.

The splint should not create any areas of pressure for the client, observed as blanched or red skin. If areas are identified, the strap need to be adjusted.

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