Techcare Driving Simulator CME at Hospital Ampang

Techcare Driving Simulator CME at Hospital Ampang


Techcare Innovation's team was honored to be invited to Hospital Ampang for a demonstration of our latest technology. This event showcased our expertise in hand robotic technology and also had a chance to introduce participants to our revolutionary driving simulator, highlighting its role in training and helping users to regain their driving ability.


Purpose of the Session: Enhancing Skills and Knowledge Sharing

Dr. Khor, Techcare Innovation's Rehab Technology Specialist, share the concept of driving simulation in occupational therapy, as well as how driving simulation benefits in occupational therapy for return to drive programme.

Techcare driving simulator is designed to assist in returning to driving by providing a safe and controlled environment for individuals to practice and improve their driving skills, ensuring a smooth transition back to independent driving on actual roads.


The Importance of Driving Simulation in Physical Therapy

As individuals age or experience injuries from life, maintaining independence and mobility can become challenging. Occupational therapy plays a crucial role in helping them restore and enhance daily life skills, including driving, which improves overall quality of life. Daily life skills that are easy for normal adults could be very challenging. Therefore, introducing technologies like driving simulation into occupational therapy can boost the effectiveness of therapy, ensuring comprehensive care for patients and also help them regain their daily life skills sooner and better.

Occupational therapists can use driving simulation to assess and improve drivers' capabilities in the process, ensuring they can navigate various road conditions safely and confidently in a simulated environment. This approach not only helps users to recover better but also promotes road safety in the broader community. 
Techcare driving simulator offers a variety of realistic scenarios to evaluate and improve cognitive abilities, reaction times, and decision-making skills crucial for safe driving. Each scenario is designed to simulate real-world driving challenges, providing users with a thorough assessment of their driving readiness.

Techcare driving simulator features over 20 realistic training practices, including city driving, night driving, obstacle avoidance, speed control, reverse parking, and lateral parking maneuvers. These scenarios enable users to hone their driving skills in a controlled setting and comprehensive manner, preparing them thoroughly for real-world driving challenges.


Hands-On Experience: Fun and Educational

During the workshop, participants are encouraged to try out the driving simulator. The participants enjoyed a hands-on experience that showcased its capabilities. The interactive session provided practical experience into how the simulator assesses driving abilities, fostering a deeper understanding of its application in occupational therapy and other aspects. Participants responded positively to the workshop, appreciating the practical knowledge gained and the interactive nature of the session. 


Conclusion: Advancing Healthcare with Innovation

Hospital Ampang’s initiative significantly advances the integration of new technology into local healthcare practices, supporting healthcare professionals to deliver superior patient care and rehabilitation services.

Looking ahead, Techcare Innovation is dedicated in driving positive change in rehabilitation technology. Techcare driving simulator will be enhanced with more advanced features and expanding our educational workshops nationwide. This is to ensure that rehabilitation and medical professionals have the latest tools and knowledge to deliver better care and services. Once again, We extend our gratitude to Hospital Ampang and all participants for their enthusiasm and trust in our products and services. 

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