Enhance Cognitive Motor Performance


Flexible Programming

Provides a wide variety of new approaches to exercise.

Multifunctional Targets Display

Can be set to letters, numbers, images and words.

Customizable Touch Sensitivity

Adjustable to match user preferences and workout style.

Active Aging

SMARTfit cognitive-motor dual-tasking technology offers many components focus on combining cognitive challenges during a variety of physical activities in order to address symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases and cognitive decline - such as increased risk of falls, reduced gait speed, and overall wellness.

  • Improve balance and stability
  • Improve mobility and motor skills
  • Train memory, attention, and processing speed
  • Trains a variety of sensory skills that decline with normal aging
  • Provide motivating and engaging cognitive stimulation while exercising

Sports Performance

SMARTfit meets and matches any athletes own level of play and challenges them to improve. Training with SMARTfit improves speed, reaction time, ball control, accuracy, core balance, visual-motor coordination and peripheral visual awareness.

  • High-level engagement through game play
  • Real, tactile, resistance and impact based training
  • Instant feedback via measurable and tracked results
  • Multi-planar functional movements or sports skills and training


The perfect solution for both individual and group training, SMARTfit appeals to all ages and abilities and is space effective, making it great for personal training, small group training and sports performance training.

Owner Benefits Member Benefits
  • Increase retention
  • Attract new demographics
  • Meet the needs of every member
  • Promote exciting new programming
  • Small group training programs
  • Personal training
  • High performance sports training
  • Online competitions, performance tracking, personalized scalable programming & reporting

Youth Sports

SMARTfit’s diverse programming is designed to infuse your programs with a wide range of highly effective gamified activities that make your classes engaging, challenging, and fun for kids regardless of ability!

  • Increase MVPA (moderate to vigorous physical activity)
  • Progressive Ability Programming
  • Meet the Needs of Every Child
  • Encourage Team Participation
  • Develop Vital Learning and Motor Skills

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