Instant Feedback

Record Your Performance Instantly

Maximized self-training efficiency

Instant Feedback

The main function of this application, its allow user to record all of their sport movement

Self-training Optimized

Specialized for those who training by themselves at home frequently

Plug & Play

It's very easy to use which just need to connect the camera, and hit the record button

Instant Feedback

View and record your performance instantly. We believe practice makes perfect, however during practice we always have to rely on our coach to observe and give direct feedback, as we can’t see ourselves in action during training to improve our performance. Instant Feedback is software designed to record and replay instantly to give direct feedback for the user with multiple cameras. With Instant Feedback, user can quickly record their movement and review instantly without the need of others.

Suitable for any SPORTS

This software can be used in various activity training such as yoga, golfing, bowling, basketball, gymnastics, running, swimming, squash and etc.