What is Hand Robot (HR-30)

Hand Robot (HR-30) is a hand exercise robot that imitates the hand structure to train the extension and flexion of fingers with pneumatic system concept.

6 in 1 New Upgrade Design

Single Finger Training

Single finger exercise. It has the separated finger training, allowing you to set which finger to train.

Object Gripping Training

Task oriented training is used to encourage training through real life activities, with guidance for patients to actively participate in controlled functional training.

Mirror Training

The good hand help to initiate the movement of the weak hand to help brain re-learning function recovery.

Repeated Finger Exercise

Sequential single finger training can be used to train all the finger repetitively.

Passive Finger Exercise

Robot will initiate the movement, hand grasping and the opening can be train automatically by robot.

Air Pressure Massage

This model has the air pressure massage, air pressure 100-180 kPa can be adjusted to meet your needs.



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Ladies can choose S size, man can choose M. If hand is bigger size, can choose L size.

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