A Smarter Balance Training and Assessment



More flexible training with wireless to main controller.

Virtual Reality Games

Various interactive and engaging training games.

Plug and Play

Easy to setup with simple

Assessment Report

Able to review the progress and performance of user easily.


Adjust training difficulty that is perfect for you.

Compact and Portable

High portability which enable training in limited space.

What is FIBOD?

Fibod is a smart fitness balance board that allows users to train and access their balance skill with virtual reality games and objective assessment program.

Specialized for hand exercises training

Specialized for hand exercises training


Balance skill is important to support all our daily activities. However, our balance skill will start to decrease after 30 years old, and until 65 we tend to fall due to aging.1 Statistic shows that 37.3 million people experienced severe falls each year.1


The benefit of using balance board is, it can improve balance capability, strengthen core muscles, body coordination, improving ankle flexibility and reduce injuries.2,3

Specialized for hand exercises training

Multiple training program

Various training program are provided to enhance balancing experience for different user.

Specialized for hand exercises training

Virtual reality games

Multiple virtual reality games provide interactive training excitement to the balance workout sessions.

Specialized for hand exercises training

Injury Risk Prediction

The software can help to give indication for falling and ankle injury risk.

Performance Evaluation

The performance evaluation of Fibod was conducted by researchers from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Results show that Fibod has high accuracy of ±0.04% and repeatability ±0.06°.4


Battery life 6 hours
Maximum stand capacity 110 kg
Bluetooth coverage 10 m
Tilt angle range ±20°
Motion sensor accuracy* ±0.04%
Motion sensor repeatability* ±0.06°
Sensor resolution 0.01°
Size (L x W x H) 40 cm x 40 cm x 8 cm
Weight 2 kg
Data sampling rate 20 Hz
Environment requirement 10°C - 50°C
30% - 75% air humidity

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