All in One for Upper Limb Training


Multiple Training Mode

Passive, active-assisted and active training modes included.

Virtual Reality Games

Various interactive and engaging training games.

Plug and Play

Easy to setup with simple

Training Report

Able to review the progress and performance of user easily.

Modular and Reconfigurable

Variety of modular tools are provided for different configurable of training movement.

Compact and Portable

High portability which enable training in limited space.

Specialized for
hand exercises training

CR2-haptic is a compact and portable rehabilitation robot suitable for people who need exercise training for hand such as elderly people and stroke patient.

Specialized for hand exercises training

Robot for research
and development

CR2-Haptic is also an user programmable robot allowing researcher to develop own motor control application and various training strategies like interactive physical interaction (haptic feedback control) for their specific field.

Specialized for hand exercises training

Customizable training
with interactive games

Provide custamizable repetitive training and enchance user motivation using various interactive and engaging games

Specialized for hand exercises training

Compact with multiple
modular training

Compact robot design that able to provide wide range of optional modular units to train for different functional movement in limited space

Specialized for hand exercises training

Assesment report
for progress review

Assesment report enable user to review the performance in term of passive, active range, strength, and game performance.

Specialized for hand exercises training



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